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Read my new memoir Making a Small Fortune

This book speaks to all of us who go through tough times , persevere and then come to a better understanding of who we are. You will not be able to put the book down.

So far, I’ve been many things in life: technical writer, journalist, marketer, web developer, cemetery groundskeeper, bookstore clerk, competitive swimmer, lifeguard, failed surfer.

I’ve moved more than 20 times, but now seem settled in California.

I’ve always been writing.

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What little personal life I have
happens mainly in the
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"I read this book in a day and a half. It’s a fascinating look at parenting and step-parenting of challenging children, the politics of a “small” town (Spokane), running a small business (an alternative newspaper) and dealing with a mysterious yet devastating disease in a spouse (Porphyria). Matthew writes well and takes the reader into his family’s long, difficult journey that required far more than most people experience. Kudos to Matthew for sharing his compelling—and at times, heartbreaking—story. It is worth reading to realize that there is deep-seated determination and resilience in all of us that we can tap into."

This book spoke to me in a way that I didn’t fully appreciate until I had closed the cover. I’ve been chastising myself for not making oodles of money over the last decade while I was…well, dealing with life. Reading this book has helped me forgive myself for pursuing my passions. And to start again! Not only was the book inspiring, but I enjoyed the writing. I thought it would be a staid read about finances and making money, but it's much more of a memoir —and I was utterly engaged by the story

What a great read. Matt is a terrific writer, so very engaging. I know it is a memoir but it read like a fiction novel and also almost a how-to book about producing an alternative newspaper, running a small business, and navigating marriage and parenthood. I kept wondering how it was going to end—I couldn’t put it down. I very much appreciated the afterword that tied everything up. What a journey. I became close to all the characters and miss them now that the book is over.

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About Those Pigs

I’m a tolerant man, but now this whole peasant thing has gotten out of hand. Like this afternoon. I’m sitting on my balcony, reading the newspaper. It’s my after-work ritual. I turn one of the Adirondack chairs to face west, sip a whiskey, and watch the sun go down. Our balcony looks south over the creek valley and the sunlight

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Bennett’s Comet

Paul wondered if his father piloted a plane the same way he drove their truck. The only plane he’d seen his father fly was a balsa-wood glider they’d built together years ago while stationed near San Diego. Its wing span was longer than Paul was tall and covered by orange, waxy paper. In broad, green California fields they launched it

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My Book Report: “The Wind in the Willows”

For my first book report of fifth grade, I picked “The Wind in the Willows” by Kenneth Grahame. Well, not really. I didn’t know what to pick. I asked my mom what book I should read and she showed me “Anne of Green Gables” and said that she loved it when she was a girl. I saw the cover with

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