General news from my writing life

Podcast Appearance: The Spokane Show

Eric Walker hosts “The Spokane Show,” an emerging podcast covering the Spokane region, where my memoir Making a Small Fortune is set. The Spokane Show not only highlights the Inland Empire region (as the locals call it), but also dives deep into the every day grind of relationships, society, and human behavior. Eric’s goal is to entertain, sustain, and amuse,

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Book Launch Event with Jim Young

Did you know that burnout isn’t just exhaustion? There are defined components to burnout, and different types, too. I learned that by reading “Expansive Intimacy: How ‘Tough Guys’ Defeat Burnout,” the new book by my friend and leading CEO coach Jim Young. Jim’s new book just came out the same time as mine, so we produced a joint book launch

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American Porphyria Foundation Promotion

The American Porphyria Association has agreed to promote my book in their upcoming newsletter and to list it on their website. I’ve also agreed to donate $5 to the APF for every copy purchased by a friend of the APF, up to 200 copies. If you or your friends want to participate in this fundraiser, you can join the APF

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Book Club Discussion Guide

I’ve created a book club discussion guide to accompany “Making a Small Fortune.” This isn’t just for clubs interested in writing or memoirs. Lots of different book clubs could discuss this book, such as Parenting Politics and media Entrepreneurs Healthcare and caregivers Grief And if your book club buys 10 or more copies of the book, I’ll join your book

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A Caregiver’s Four Lessons on Rare Disease

I published a guest blog about being a caregiver for people with rare diseases. The four lessons that I share are It’s a long road to a diagnosis. There’s a lot of dead ends along the way. You’ll become a rare disease expert. You’ll find your rare disease community. Read the full blog

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