Podcast Appearance: We Live to Build

Sean Weisbrot hosts “We Live to Build,” a well-established podcast covering the real journey of entrepreneurs.

Sean’s no stranger to the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. He’s lived in Asia for over 14 years (China for 10 years, and Vietnam for 4 years), and now resides in Portugal. One of my companies did over $15M in sales in 2 years, but he shut it down for a better opportunity. Sean is constantly re-inventing himself because he (rightly) sees the world is changing at an ever increasing rate due to technological improvements and societal upheaval.

I relate to reinventing oneself, especially after going through the tough times retold in Making a Small Fortune.  

It was great talking with someone who goes beyond the hype of hustle culture to connect on the real struggles of work and life. You can listen to this episode on YouTube or wherever you find your podcasts.

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